Nothing comes close to matching the performance of vinyl-coated fabrics in medical-related seating environments. The Center for Disease Control (see Research Center, Care and Cleaning, CDC Guidelines), as well as independent hospital studies (see Research Center, Coated Fabrics – A Logical Choice for Healthcare, Northwestern Memorial Hospital Chicago), all validate vinyl-coated fabrics as the covering of choice in healthcare seating. Vinyl fabrics help protect patients and staff alike from bacteria, such as VRE and PSAE.

Spradling International, Inc. has developed new technology that significantly improves vinyl’s performance—PERMABLOK3® and SILVERGUARD® finishes. These two exclusive Spradling International systems fight germs, retard abrasion, and most significantly provide environmental friendly defenses for long-term protection against most hospital prevalent bacteria.

*Due to variations in monitor settings and color balances, colors are representative only and should not be construed as an exact color match of the listed product.

Healthcare Vinyl & Polyurethane
All American – Uniroyal – Naugahyde
Allure – Uniroyal – Naugahyde
Apex – Spradling – Softside
Ballistic – Spradling – Permaguard
Chamea II – Uniroyal – Naugahyde
Classic – Nassimi – Symphony
Diamante – Spradling
Dolce P.U. – Spradling
English Pub – Uniroyal – Naugahyde
Gran Reserva – Enduratex
Invison – Spradling – Softside
Kilkenny Tweed – Spradling – Softside
Neochrome III – Uniroyal – Naugahyde
Ostrich – Skintex
Patriot Plus – Spradling
Prelude – Spradling – Softside
Rave – Spradling
Reflex – Spradling – Softside
Renaissance – Spradling – Softside
Savoy – Spradling – Softside
Sequel – Spradling – Softside
Sequins – Spradling – Permablok
Silvertex – Spradling – Softside
Simply Square – Spradling – Softside
Spirit Millennium – Uniroyal – Naugahyde
Stratosphere – Spradling – Softside
Whisper – Spradling – Softside