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Designers, architects, and interior space planning professionals around the world depend on Spradling contract products to help bring concepts to reality. The company’s extensive assortment of key colors, interesting prints, and exciting textures set Spradling apart from other competitors, all making the selection process just a bit easier.

The Contract Collection incorporates a variety of patterns carefully developed and engineered to address almost every coated fabric need, whether the installation is for office, healthcare, or hospitality use. Most of the selections include Spradling’s Hi-Loft2TM base textile and are finished with PermaBlok3® assuring the designer, as well as the owner/operator, worry-free and exceptional service life. Healthcare environments using Spradling International vinyls enjoy PermaBLOK3® and/or SilverGuard® protection to help fight bacteria and stains. To make the decision even smoother, most every pattern in the contract range is formulated to conform to stringent local and federal flammability codes.

Spradling’s design team and colorists monitor fashion, color, and design trends worldwide to keep the company’s contract program fresh and ready for the next design trend. Technology is never ignored as raw material suppliers are routinely challenged for improvement recommendations. Keen attention is always focused on flammability and performance regulations to assure customers that Spradling contract ranges measure up to the latest government mandates.

The Contract Collection, a time tested and experienced solution for any commercial upholstery need.

*Due to variations in monitor settings and color balances, colors are representative only and should not be construed as an exact color match of the listed product.

Contract Vinyl & Polyurethane
All American – Uniroyal – Naugahyde
Allure – Uniroyal – Naugahyde
Apex – Spradling – Softside
Atmosphere – Spradling – Softside
Ballistic – Spradling – Permaguard
Canyon – Nassimi – Symphony
Chamea II – Uniroyal – Naugahyde
Classic – Nassimi – Symphony
Diamante – Spradling
Dolce P.U. – Spradling
English Pub – Uniroyal – Naugahyde
Gemini – Spradling – Softside
Glaze – Nassimi – Symphony
Gran Reserva – Enduratex
Guardian – Spradling
Invison – Spradling – Softside
Kilkenny Tweed – Spradling – Softside
Neochrome III – Uniroyal – Naugahyde
Nuance – Spradling – Softside
Ostrich – Skintex
Patriot Plus – Spradling
Persuasion – Nassimi – Symphony
Phoenix – Nassimi – Symphony
Rave – Spradling
Reflex – Spradling – Softside
Renaissance – Spradling – Softside
San Remo – Nassimi – Symphony
Sequel – Spradling – Softside
Sequins – Spradling – Permablok
Savoy – Spradling – Softside
Silvertex – Spradling – Softside
Simply Square – Spradling – Softside
Spirit Millennium – Uniroyal – Naugahyde
Stratosphere – Spradling – Softside
Suede – Nassimi – Symphony
Vibe – Nassimi – Symphony
Vintage – Nassimi – Symphony
Whisper – Spradling – Softside